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Gweni-Louu is a Visual Artist specialising in abstract painting hailing from the captivating landscapes of North Wales and currently resides in Birkenhead. A graduate of 'Fine Art' from Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London), her artistic journey has been a lifelong exploration of self-expression through paint.

Gweni-Louu's canvas is testament to a life rich in experiences, a blend of personal triumphs and the enduring spirit forged through overcoming trauma. Her Art becomes a vibrant tapestry , woven with the threads of raw emotions and spiritual revelations.

Working primarily with acrylics, emulsion and spray paint, Gweni-Louu employs a dynamic palette and expressive brushstrokes to bring her inner world to life on canvas. Each stroke is a visceral communication, conveying the profound depths of her lived experiences.

In the Art of Gweni-Louu, colour becomes a language, and the canvas a sanctuary for cathartic expression. Her work invites the viewers to witness the convergence of life's challenges and spiritual insights, all encapsulated within the vivid and evocative stokes of her brush.


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Artist Statement

Gweni-Louu's current practice has an outwardly strong emphasis on colour and pattern; which drives the production of abstract expressionistic paintings mainly on canvas. She explores her own life experiences, observations of people and nature with her own spirituality to create a visual response. Her deep connection with paint translates through expressive mark making, bold strokes and colour play. With a background in Fine Art, Gweni Louu's work moves across from painting to drawing, craft and design.


Selected Group Exhibitions


Wirral Open Studio Tour, Wellington Road Art Studios, Oxton.

Pink Bag Proj, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath.

Our Gaze, Hamilton Vault Studios, Birkenhead.



Oxton Christmas Open Studios, Wellington Road Art Studios, Oxton.



Group Exhibition, Bay Gallery, Colwyn Bay.


Open House Weekend, Bow Arts, Tobacco Docks, London.

CPG Gallery 32nd Open Exhibition, London.


CPG Gallery 31 Annual Open Exhibition, London.


Mirabel Open Studios, Mirabel Studios, Manchester.

Haloween Exhibition, Misty Moon Gallery, London.

Mirabel Open Studios, Mirabel Studios, Manchester.

Realitive Values, The Art Lounge, New Mills.

Suggestions on a Postcard, St Johns Church, Gloucester.



Mirabel Selling Studios, Mirabel Studios, Manchester.

Mirabel Open Studio, Mirabel Studios, Manchester.



Scholars Rock Project, Chinese Art Centre, Manchester

Manchester Art Crawl presents Mirabel Open Studio, Mirabel Studios, Manchester.

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